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I’m thankful for so many things. To try and begin a list would mean something would invariably be left off and that’s not what I want.  So instead, I’ll catch you up on my latest crafting and cooking accomplishments and let my mind and heart stay thankful for all I have.

I’ll start with Thanksgiving dinner, or in our case, lunch.  We eat our big meal around 1 every year, and then have pie at a normal dinner time.  It’s almost exactly the same meal every year: Tofurkey, corn, mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls, and mushroom gravy.  We don’t make anything from scratch, except the gravy, and everything is done in 1 hour and 45 minutes.  It keeps up enjoying the holiday (the only one of the two days Chris and I have off together during this time of year), rather than getting wrapped up in making a perfect meal.  This year I made a pumpkin pie.  Pumpkin pie is not my favorite, but I made one, and I actually liked it (more so today, the day after, now that’s it been sitting in the fridge).

tofurkeypumpkinpieEarlier in the week I baked mini potatoes- red, yellow, and purple.  We topped them with cheese, chives, salsa, and sour cream and had them with a fake Italian sausage.

bakedpotatoesI’ve made 8 more holiday cards. I also came up with a logo for the back of my cards.  I’ll post it later once all the cards are finished.  I’ve got 6 more to make.  Then I’ll have to make envelopes and add inserts to write on.  I’m enlisting the husband to do the inside calligraphy.

xmas4xmas3xmas5xmas6I’m really pleased with all of the card so far.  It’s amazing what a girl can do with a little spray adhesive, a 4 dollar pad of paper, and a Cricut.

I’ve not been as diligent with my yarn crafts as I would like.  I’ve worked a little on my shawl.  My friend at work who has been letting me borrow her knitting mysteries brought me a pattern for a simple hat.  I think I’ll frog my ribbed beanie that I’ve started over three times and try it with this new pattern.  After I’m done updating here, I plan to spend some time on Ravelry, updating my finished projects, my WIPS, and my to-do list.  There’s a stack of books next to me, waiting to get cracked open and pursued so I can choose my next projects.  

Now all I have to do is finish the multitude of projects I’m already working on. . .


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So much

I have so much to share with you today, so I’ll get down to it.

I finished the pink baby blanket for Stitches from the Heart last night while watching the All Star game with my love. I printed out quick directions for a baby hat and booties, which I’m thinking of making tonight to donate all the items together this weekend. Here’s the blanket!

 Pink camo for baby! I’m thrilled to have finished this one.  The blue one is slightly bigger, and since it’s so easy to carry around, I think I’ll bring that one to WI in August to finish. I’ll post the hat and booties when I finish.

Speaking of finishing. I finished Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee. I started it yesterday on the bus and finished it today. It’s a quick read, one you don’t want to put down.  It’s no wonder it won the Nobel Prize.  It’s a gripping look at the complexities of race relations in post-apartheid South Africa, as well as stunning literary critiques and views of nature.  I feel bad for making light of this book when I previously wrote about my intention to read it.

As for what to read now, I think I’ll try Agatha Christie.  I’m ashamed to say I’ve never read any of her books. Hubby was bowled over that such an avid reader would have missed out, so he brought me home And Then There Were None (formerly Ten Little Indians, not PC enough?) because they were giving it away with a video game at his work.  It sounds good and looks like a quick read- probably get it mostly done on the bus tomorrow.

Yes, this post will have it all- dinners and lunches, too!

Yesterday’s bento was a tofurkey and cheese sandwich on a multi-grain english muffin (at work I popped it in the toaster over and made a heavenly tofurkey melt), crackers, raspberries, and a trailmix/chips ahoy candy mix.

Today’s linch was tofurkey and cheese slices wrapped around half an avocado, crackers, humongous strawberries, and trail mix and chips ahoy.

Dinner last night was veggie burgers ( I topped mine with cheese, mayo, ketchup, relish, and avocado) and roasted potatoes (drizzle in oil, add salt, pepper, thyme, and rosemary, cover with foil and bake on 375 for 32 minutes- shaking the pan a few times during roasting). My taters are smiling at YOU!

Tonight I’m trying something new, that I mish-mashed from a different recipe and some husbandly input. And we’re opening our last bottle of Artiste wine.  Good thing mom and I headed up to wine country in two weeks!

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