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In honor of two websites that I love, Joyful Abode and Vegan Lunchbox, I decided to add a food component to this site.  I like to cook, and unlike my recent love of crafting, my love of cooking isn’t new.  We cooked a lot growing up.  We had a wonderful garden and a constant supply of fresh veggies.  In the summer my sister and I would help my mom bake a myriad of zucchini dishes- cake, muffins, lunchbox squares. We baked all kinds of cookies- chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin.  Christmas snacks, like logroll.  Besides baking, my mom made dinner almost every night, until we were in high school. My grandmother is an amazing cook- her pies, oh my!

As I grew up, I learned how to cook vegetarian dishes for myself.  When my husband and I got together, we cooked dinner nearly every night.  He doesn’t like to cook, but does some nights each week.  This leaves me to explore magazines and cookbooks to find recipes that sound yummy. I also try to recreate things I’ve eaten in restaurants that I’ve liked.  My husband is not vegetarian- and is actually a meat and cheese lover, tried and true.  I don’t eat meat and I’m not crazy about cheese, so we get creative with our dinners.

We have a tiny kitchen in the apartment, and as we’ve begun house hunting, it’s the kitchen that I look at first.  If there’s a lack of counter space, the rest of the house gets forgotten. So for now, most of the food we eat is simple to make, few steps, because I don’t have the space to spread out.  When I do- watch out world!

Again with the sideways pictures!  I made stuffed shells last night.  Just boil the shells, drain and rinse with cold water.  In the pan, saute soy crumbles and sauce- we like O Oraganics Mushroom.  Spread thin layer of sauce in baking pan, scoop burger mixture into shells. Add cheese and rest of sauce on top and bake until cheese melts.  Yummy and easy.

I bought this box at the 99 Cent store yesterday.  It reminded me to the bento boxes used on Vegan Lunchbox.  I’ve though about ordering one, but they’re pricey.  This worked just as well. It’s a tofu, cheese, and lettuce sandwich, pretzel twists, raspberries, leftover broccoli and cheese sauce, and a York 100 Calorie wafer bar.  I brought it to school for lunch today.  It was great.  I normally keep a stash of food at school and make everything there, but I could see how this will help with portion control!


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