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Legends of the Fall

My crafting has hit an all time low, well not all time, but I’m at a standstill.  On Tuesday, during afternoon dismissal at school, I was walking over to close the gate and I tripped and fell on the asphalt.  I stumbled a little and broke my fall with my hands, which then slid forward.  I tried to keep my head up as long as possible so I didn’t smack my face, but the momentum eventually got to me and I smacked my chin on the ground instead. So, with my luck, the necklace I was wearing (a hummingbird), happened to come between my chin and the ground right as I fell, and the wing or beak of the bird punctured my chin.  So since Tuesday my hands have been bandaged up, to keep school germs off my raw palms and my chin has been covered to coax the hole to heal. I was really lucky I wasn’t hurt more seriously.  I had been clenching my jaw, and when I hit the ground I must have pulled a muscle, because for the first few hours afterwards I couldn’t close my mouth correctly, my back molars wouldn’t align.  So that was rough.  But my dear husband nursed me back to health, by peroxiding me and changing my bandages, and even washing my hair so I didn’t get shampoo in my wounds.

My hands are healing, but when I crochet I use my left hand to control the yarn, and I scraped my thumb all up, so I can’t crochet.  When I cross stitch and embroider I hold the piece in my left hand, and the palm is all torn up, so that’s on hiatus. I’m SO close to finishing my friend’s baby blanket for her beautiful baby girl, so hopefully early to mid next week I’ll be good.

Also, I think I forgot to post this here, I signed up for knitting lessons.  They start October 4th, next weekend, so I HAVE to be healed by then!

I can still cook and read, though.

Last Sunday I made a meatless Shepherd’s Pie- with precooked lentils from Trader Joe’s, instant mashed potatoes, frozen mixed vegetables, and mushroom gravy mix on top.

You can also see the beautiful Virgin of Guadalupe coffee table my husband made for me.

This weeks lunches later in the week were soup, to help keep my jaw from overworking. Monday and Tuesday, though I had a delicious benton of veggie chicken nuggets on green leaf lettuce, with an heirloom tomato, and bbq sauce mixed with ranch.  I also had Kyoho grapes (have you had these huge, sweet, delicious grapes?) and strawberries, pretzel chips, and lemon ginger cookies.

I finally finished Middlesex and have moved on to Native Son, but Richard Wright. I thought I had read this book in high school, but now I’m thinking I read Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Wright’s biography, Black Boy. Native Son is the story of Bigger Thomas, a black man in Chicago in the 30s.  Bigger ends up killing the daughter of the wealthy white family that he works for.  I’m only about 100 pages in and he’s just killed the woman, so I can’t say what happens next.  It’s really an interesting book, and the study of the Black/White divide- both in space and mentality in the 30s seems spot on.  I haven’t decided what’s next for me.  I’m thinking about reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.


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