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In Progress

This is the top of a bucket hat. I’m just at the stage where I’m making the sides. I don’t think it will have much of a brim, it will just flare out.

Theses are two baby blankets I’m making for Stitches from the Heart, a charity based in Santa Monica that donates baby stuff to hospitals for preemies. They’re the same pattern, a simple shell with a front and back post stitch separating each shell. The blue one will be about 30×30 when complete and the pink will be 22×22. I’m hoping to finish them this summer.

This is probably my favorite thing I’ve made so far. I’m a teacher and I have a wonderful assistant. She fell in love with the purse with the bamboo handles that I’d made. I promised her a purse as an end of the year thank you gift. This past week, I found out she might be leaving the school to pursue another career. So I had to get going on her purse. It’s a cute A-Line. I’m almost finished. I need to to do three more rows of ruffles (Completed 5/20/08- SeeĀ  5/25/08 post). A friend is going to sew in the lining for me- a beige and purple batik print. I got the basic pattern from the book Crochet Bags!

I’m also working on a blue and white striped blanket to donate to Afghans for Afghan ( I know, but what do you expect from crocheters?) It was inspired by the Red Cross.


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