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Dem Bones

Oh my aching fingers.  I got back from my first knitting class about 3 hours ago.  I kept on working on the project I started in class (a scarf- shocking, I know.).  Then I realized I had picked up an extra stitch somewhere along the way, so I attempted to pull out the rows up to the mistake.  Then I looked at it, and thought, I have no idea what to do with this now that I’ve found the mistake.  So, I kept unraveling and eventually just decided to start over.

So here’s the beginning of my first knitting project ever!

I’m practicing different kinds of stitches- so it’s a few rows of garter, a few of stockinette, a few ribbed rows, and back to garter. The yarn is gorgeous merino wool, and the needles are bamboo #13. I picked up knitting a lot more quickly than I though I would.  Even this morning, I tried a little from a book I have, and nothing.  But after just seeing it and doing it a few times I felt relatively comfortable with it. Except that I’m gripping the needles SO hard my fingers are aching.

Nice picture, though, huh? It’s my new camera. A teeny tiny Sony Cyber-shot. My mom sent it to me as a belated X-Mas gift. It only holds 8 pictures, so I have to go get a memory card for it tomorrow.  You’ll be seeing plenty more pictures now!

Along with the camera my mom sent me the new Kathy Reichs books, Devil Bones. Kathy Reichs was trained as a forensic anthropologist and I believe continues to consult in the field, when not busy writing books and overseeing the TV show Bones (based on her books).  I was first introduced to her books in college.  My degree is in anthropology and for my forensic class, we had to read books that incorporated the science and review them for accuracy. I chose a Kathy Reichs book and have since read all her books.  They’re spot on scientifically, which makes her already more likable than Patricia Cornwell, though the narrative often leaves something to be desired.  Anyway, I love her books, and they’re easy to fly through.  I’m alreadya quarter done with this one, and I got it yesterday.  There’s a dead body found in a basement, along with artifacts from a Santeria ritual.  The investigation is ongoing. I’d recommend it so far, as I would any of her books (and yes, Candace, I will pass it along when I’m done!)

I’m about halfway through Native Son. It’s getting better and better.  It’s amazing how likable and unlikable at the same time characters can be when the author is good.

We’ve actually made a few yummy meals this week.  Monday was baked potatoes with veggie bacon, sour cream, and cheese. We were going to make asparagus with them, but forgot (no   Then Thursday the hubby made Mamwich meatloaf- Gimme Lean Sausage mixed with textured soy protein, mixed with mamwich sauce and baked like meatloaf, with twice baked potatoes and corn.

I finished my friend’s baby blanket. I just have to wash it and then it’s off to see her beautiful baby girl!

I liked this pattern a lot.  It worked up quickly and was repetitive enough that I could keep one eyeball on the Amazing Race or the Cowboys, and one eye on the blanket.  I have more yarn like this in blue, so my next donated blanket might be blue and white.  Maybe I’ll use that star motif from this summer as the middle…

We have Thursday off this week, so I’ve got a date with the hubby to stock up on knitting books at the book store.  I’m also looking forward to getting to the craft store to pick up some holiday-y paper to start making our holiday cards.  I figure if I start now, I should finish by the new year!


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