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Yarn Therapy

After a difficult week, I couldn’t bring myself to update last weekend, so I have lots to share with you today. This past week was much better- better patience, better focus, better breathing.

Yesterday was my last knitting class and I’ve become completely obsessed.  All other crafts have been put on hiatus while I’m working on a myriad of knitting projects. I finished my sampler scarf. It turned out beautiful and so soft once I washed it (Reality yarns).  Last week in class we started hats.  I finished mine yesterday. It’s a self-patterning yarn.  I chose the colors because they look cozy and wintry (I’m longing for fall in the 95 degree heat).

My knitting WIPs are the windy city scarf, which I’m making some progress on.  I’ve switched the new color, and have about 90 rows to go.  I began a new hat with beautiful Tonalita sunrise yarn.  This beanie will be ribbed all the way up. And yesterday in class we began a shawl.  It starts at the point and increases each row.  I’m not very far into it, but it goes pretty quickly. It’s a deep gray color from Comfort yarns.

My next two projects are a skinny scarf (white with silver sparkles), and leg warmers (pink, green, gray). I’ve also been working on two crochet projects, but not as often as I’d like. Crochet goes much fast than knitting so I’ve got to get working on those projects, they should be done soon.  You’ll see them after the holidays.

I’m about 3/4 of the way done listening to the Hound of the Baskervilles on librivox. I think I’ll listen to Little Women next. I finished Native Son and Devil Bones.  Now I’m reading Missing Mom by Joyce Carol Oates.  Its not great, but it’s an easy read.  It’s about a woman in her thirties, named Nikki, whose mother was murdered.  Nikki fancies herself a rebel with a short, punky hair cut.  It’s actually pretty obnoxious how often the author mentions the short, spiky, purple hair.  Anyway, the mother was a wonderful, giving, loving woman who was always helping people in the community and ends up being killed by someone she offered a ride to.  It seems that story is going in the direction of explaining how Nikki thought her mother was foolish and naive and through the grieving process learns that she wants to live like her mother (but I could be wrong). I’m about half done. I’ll probably finish it, though I don’t love it, just because when I commit to a book, I like to follow through.

I also began reading the Tao of teaching.  It takes Taoist principles and shows how they are applied by teachers.  It’s really inspiring and helps remind me of what kind of teacher I want to be.

I haven’t been to my book club in months, but now that I feel like I’m getting more comfortable with this year’s routine I’m planning on going to the November meeting.  I don’t know what the book is yet, but I’ll probably try to get back into it regardless of the book. 

I’ll leave you with my favorite new Japanese snack:

They’re little cookies with a chocolate “burger” and vanilla fudge “cheese” feeling The cookies are even coated in teeny sesame seeds.  So cute!


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Ideas- a list

There are so many projects I want to work on. I get inspired all the time by past projects, by things I see in stores, by beautiful yarn and accessories. I’ve decided to start a list of upcoming projects, so I don’t forget what I want to do.

Today I bought wire- gold colored and coppery colored. I saw a cool necklace in a magazine- it was a granny square crocheted in wire. It’s fairly simple, though I’ve never crocheted jewelry, so that may open up a whole new bag of yarn (ba dum da)

I have a beautiful, soft dusky blue yarn that I want to make a shawl from. My grandma made me a purple poncho that I still wear, and can convert to a shawl. It’s neat, so I want to try to make some kind of wrap/shawl. (Completed June 2008)

I bought a neat tweed-like yarn, that I’d like to make a new scarf from. I also have a chunky grey and pink that I’m thinking would make a neat hooded scarf.

I have material for about 7 more baby blankets.

I promised one student a blue scarf, so I bought a variegated blue/navy blue/dark purple yarn for her (completed 5/24/08). Another student is getting a variegated cream,blue,purple, green scarf (Completed plus another one June 2008). Both are making me a scarf, in exchange for me making them one.

I bought 4 sets of purse handles today, so a few purses are on the horizon. I’m making myself a creamy purple one with u-shaped bamboo handles.

I’d like to try making multi-piece clothes- a little jacket or something. I think I’ll try baby clothes, first.

I’m eager to make amigurumi- the little Japanese character crochet. Check out this flickr site of adorable amigurumi!

And finally. I’m saving all my yarn odds and ends to make granny squares. I want to make a big granny square afghan for my future house!

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