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It’s the Friday of what seemed liked the longest week EVER! I’m trying to stay busy this summer, but in a relaxed way.  It’s starting to get the summer haze and forgetting to do things I would never forget during the school year (when it’s all planned and calendared in my normal regimented way). Anyway, this post is few more dinners I made this week, as well as book updates.  I am crocheting, but the bolero I attempted to make is too tiny for me to even think about showing it to you.  It would maybe fit on a cabbage patch kid.  Now that I know I need to make it bigger for myself, I’ll begin again and hopefully have something to show for it by the end of summer.  My pink baby blanket it coming along nicely, I added a few rows- I’d say I’m about 1/3 done with it. So I’m slowly knocking things off my ideas and in progress lists.

Tuesday the husband and I took a little walk down to the Farmer’s Market to buy to produce for our meals this week.  This summer we’ve take to walking to the grocery store to get dried goods and dairy and such.  Then the FM for fresh stuff. Needless to say our summer meals have been delicious! Above is Tuesday dinner.  It’s curry chicken salad wraps- veggie chicken strips mixed with plain non-fat yogurt and light mayo along with curry powder and pepper and curry couscous wrapped in a large lettuce leaf.  Yummy flavor and creamy texture. So good. Below is dessert that I made from one of the three pints of strawberries from the market.  It’s an easy strawberry crisp. I didn’t measure anything, just winged it.  Cut strawberries and coated with honey and pushed to one side let sit to congeal for about 10 minutes in a big bowl. In other side of the bowl I mixed oats and brown sugar.  I mixed everything to together and sliced maybe 1/3 cup butter into it.  Then I put the crisp in ramekins and baked.  We had it with vanilla ice cream. I’ll make some in a few weeks with rhubarb.


Wednesday night we made simple kabobs.  Often we’ll do lots of different veggies and tofu coated in some kind of marinade.  This time we did just baked tofu and red pepper on skewers in the broiler for 15 minutes with no marinade.  I had peanut satay sauce with mine, Hubby had barbecue sauce. It tuned out yummy.  I took the left overs to lunch the next day and ate it cold.

As for books, I’m still working on The Book Thief for my July 29th book club meeting.  This summer I’ve been taking the bus and the perk of that is all the reading I get done at the bus stop.  I reread Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes this past week.  I had read it in high school, and it’s a quick read.  Interesting metacognition and insight into happiness and what a fulfilling life entails. If you haven’t read it, Charlie, a mentally retarded man with an IQ of 68 volunteers for a science experiment that will increase his intelligence.  The procedure was originally tested on a mouse named Algernon.  The book is written as Charlie’s progress report journals as he becomes more and more aware of what his new intelligence is costing is former life.

I also restarted Nickeled and Dimed: On (not) Getting By In America by Barbara Ehrenreich.  I bought it and started it a few years ago and am realizing why I put it down- she’s awfully arrogant.  The book is an interesting idea- she goes from job to job in different states (Florida, Maine, Minnesota) pretending she’s uneducated and looking to see how and if the blue collar workers in America survive. I’m only about 30 pages in, she’s waitressing in Florida and talking about the living conditions of her coworkers-multiple roommates, parents, weekly hotels, etc.

Sadly, my reading will be taking a different direction soon, as I started reading math books to plan for next year. I’m hoping the presence of this blog, along with my book club will keep me actively reading this year, as I’ve got a whole stack of books I’m drooling over and a list a mile long of books to get from the library. I think as long as I keep to my goal of finishing one book a week, on top of my book club selection I will continue to have lots to say about books!


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