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This summer I ended school on June 19th, packed up my apartment, and was on the road moving halfway across the country on June 22.  We arrived in our new city on June 25th. On June 27th I took the teaching certification test. I took the next week off and celebrated my 3rd wedding anniversary. Then began teacher inservice at my new school the following week. I usually spend my 8-10 week summer vacation cooking, crafting, and reading.  Instead, I had only one week off and that was spend unloading the moving truck and relaxing in front of cable TV.

We’re subletting an apartment as we search for a place of our own. It’s strange being in a kitchen that isn’t yours and has very few pieces of equipment that are yours or that you want to use. So the summer has progressed without much kitchen interest on my part.  But today- labor day- I made a black bean salad for lunch with friends.

blackbeansaladIt smells so yummy. I think it will taste great on some lettuce with some tortilla chips. It’s red, green and yellow peppers and onions in large pieces- mixed with olive oil, canned corn, and red wine vinegar- black beans rinsed and drained. Salted and peppered to taste. So not exactly kitchen cooking, but definitely kitchen prep work.

I haven’t crafted anything, though with football season starting next weekend, I think I’ll send my husband to the storage unit to dig out my yarn and needles. I want to get working on my gray shawl.  I did bring my mom’s blanket that I haven’t touched in a while.  I’ve also got a matching hat for the baby blanket that I need to finish.

For my next book club meeting I’m reading American Wife, by Curtis Sittenfield.  It’s the fictionalized account of former first lady Laura Bush’s life. I’m about half way through and loving the book.  It’s fascinating how a smart, multi-faceted, liberal woman can put aside personal beliefs and dogma and wind up with a man like the former president.



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Long Time Gone

Wow.  My last post was about the Super Bowl, and here I am now, watching preseason football.  I have an excuse for the absence, though. Around February we (my husband and I) decided to seriously pursue the prospect of moving. And as you may know, moving- the planning, the prepping, the packing, the pain- becomes all consuming.

But we survived and are happily living in Austin, TX. Now that we’re more settled in, the crafting bug has bit me again.  I didn’t work on much this summer- most of my supplies are still packed away in our storage unit.  And I didn’t do much from scratch cooking because produce in the the hothot Texas summer is nothing like the bountiful fruits and veggies of California in the summer. We did get a grill, and barbecued every night for about three weeks straight, though.

A good friend had a beautiful baby girl this summer.  I began this blanket this past winter when I knew she was pregnant.  I finished it the week after we moved.  And just today I stitched the baby’s name into the corner.

OlinBlanketThe pattern is from Blankets, Hats, and Booties to Knit and Crochet by Kristin Spurkland.  I used lightweight organic pima cotton. I’m working on a matching hat, but it’s not turning out the way I’d like right now. Maybe I’ll post it later if it magically fixes itself.

I have done a ton of reading this summer.  I’m in the middle of a bunch of books. My latest book club book is Love Wife, by Gish Jen. It’s amazingly good.  A white woman and Chinese-America man marry, adopt two asian children and have one birth child.  When the husband’s mother dies, she requested that the family sponsor a long-lost relative, in the hopes of her son taking on a Chinese wife.  The visitor causes all kinds of strife within a family trying to figure out its identity.

Love WifeI also read The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart.  It’s a kid’s book marketed toward fans of Harry Potter and Series of Unfortunate Event series.  So, I’m the target audience.  It’s about a group of highly gifted orphans who get drafted into a society to overtake a man who is trying to take over the world.  They have to go undercover to a school that he runs where we brainwashes his students into helping him with his mission. Loved it!

Mysterious Benedict SocietyMy first Austin book club was on Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. It’s written in letter format. The correspondence is between a female journalist/writer in England and the inhabitants of the island of Guernsey, which was occupied by Germany during the war.  She decided to write their story and becomes part of their close-knit community. It was a quick read, and very sweet.

guernseypotatopeelpieThere were definitely a few more books read this summer, though my brain isn’t remembering what I’ve read recently, besides the three listed here.  My book shelves are full of books just waiting to be cracked open, though with school back in session, I’m reading more Newbery Award Winners from the 1960s, than adult fiction, right now.

It’s good to be back.

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It’s Elementary

With the weather in LA on the chilly side (by that, I mean in the 70s), my crafting and cooking yearnings are at an all time high. I’ve also started getting into football in preparation for our impending move to a place where football rocks. If you had told me even a few years ago that I would be spending my fall weekends knitting, crocheting, embroidering, and cross stitching while watching football I would have laughed in your face.  And now I think back and wonder what I was doing over the weekends.  My first three years of teaching I taught Saturday school for the extra money. Sundays I must have just watched movies, read, and done my work for my Master’s program. These last two years I’m not sure what I did.  I’m guessing reading and movie watching are about right.

So this week my beloved made dinner every night. As much as I love cooking and baking, I will NEVER complain about coming home to a cooked meal! So last night I made a version of the Quick Pierogi Bake from Vegetarian Times. I changed it up and it ended up as sauteed onions and veggie sausage over potato and cheese pierogis, covered in soy bacon and cheese.  I know I know.. how many breakfast (fake) meats can one meal include? I had mine with pureed squash.  It turned out really delicious, though the house still smells like onion and bacon. Here’s a picture. Why is it that the ugliest looking foods are the most scrumptious?

This week for lunches I made tofu, lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese sandwiches, veggie crackers, mini pickles (they’re so sweet, like a dessert!) and sweet green grapes. Mmmmm.

One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday is wander around the Japanese market and find fun new Japanese snacks.  Last week is was Crunky brand candy.  I found a Crunky bar and Crunky Balls.  Really, life is good.









I worked on my cross-stitch project a little this week, but didn’t make too much progress.  It’s slow going. I know I need to set a little time aside for it each day, and that I’ll see progress soon, but I’m so caught up with my yarn crafts, especially those projects that are for others (those that you won’t get to see for a few months because some of those others read this blog), that I keep choosing knitting and crochet over cross-stitch. On Thursday I went craft book shopping and picked up a bunch of knitting and crocheting books.  As you know from previous entries, I love the Stitch and Bitch Happy Hooker book.  So my first purchase when I learned to knit was the original Stitch and Bitch book.  I started the Windy City Scarf yesterday.  

The scarf has a little keyhole in it to wrap the other end through so it doesn’t blow away in the windy Chicago weather.  To see a finished example here’s one on a blog I like.

One thing I’ve discovered this week that doubles my crafting pleasure is Librivox.  It’s an archive of audio books of public domain material.  I’m able to catch up on my classic literature while I’m knitting. Some of the readers are awful and some are great, so it’s hit or miss.  I’m currently listening to the Hounds of Baskerville by Sir Author Conan Doyle.  I’ve actually never read any Sherlock Holmes mysteries, so I’m thrilled to be able to listen to them while I’m working on other things! I highly recommend checking this site out.  You can get the files as mp3s or it links you to subscribe in iTunes to a chapter a day.  If you’re interested, you can also volunteer to be a reader.

Oh, and go Dodgers!

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