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Summer’s here, so I’ve been working on those baby blankets that I mentioned earlier.  My goal is to finish my first two blankets this summer to donate to Stitches from the Heart.  They’re not progressing too quickly, as my passion has been with books lately.  I did finish two scarves for students, another is in progress.  But my most recent crochet triumph is the shawl I just finished.  It’s large and warm and snuggley.  It’s a good wrap for over tank tops, and I’m sure I’ll use it at school, where my new classroom is always freezing. I also made a halter top from an old t-shirt.  It’s not crochet, but it shows just how bitten by crafting I’ve gotten.

This is one of the student scarves, it’s separate flowers all joined together.  I was considering keeping it for myself, but she made me cute hoop earrings.

This is a close up of another student scarf.  It’s a variegated granny square scarf.  I love the colors.


Two views of the shawl- pattern from the Happy Hooker book.

It saved up and down, so I don’t know why it’s always posting these pictures sideways.  Anyway, you get the point. I cut off the arms and the back and cut down the seams, then took some of the extra material off and sewed it back up again.  It fits well, though I handstitched it and it’s coming undone, so I won’t be wearing it out anytime soon. When I go to WI this summer, I’ll use mom-in-law’s sewing machine to fix it.


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A skull potholder. It’s not completely done, I have to weave in the ends, and sew a backing on it. This was my first try at making designs with crochet. I love the colors- hot pink and lime green! The pattern is from the Happy Hooker book.

The top scarf is the first one I made in my crochet class. It’s a pattern of single, double, half-double, and triple stitches. I love the color. The bottom scarf I made one Sunday afternoon- it’s double crochet in alternating spaces- super easy. The variegated yarn makes it look more complicated than it is.

Hats! The top one is my first try at a hat. I found a simple pattern and taught myself to crochet in the round. It’s totally lopsided, and pointy in the back. The bottom hat also comes from the Happy Hooker. It has ear flaps! I used cheap cheap yarn and made it to see if I could follow the pattern in the round. I actually really like this hat. Sorry the pics are sideways, I keep saving them correctly, and yet they don’t show up rotated here.

Here’s my yoga bag. I loved this project! It’s a pretty sea green and cream, which are so calming. I got the basic pattern from the Joyful Abode website, which is great (everything from tomato pie recipes to yoga bag crochet patterns!). I alternated front and back loop stitches, so there’s some texture.

I also made a beautiful blue-green purse with circular bamboo handles. I lined it with a soft, thin dark brown sweater that I was going to get rid of because it had a snag. I’ll post a picture later. It’s at school right now.

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