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Cricuts, Buffalos, and Comics

A few months ago my mom sent me this machine called the Cricut.  It’s kind of like a die-cutter, but MUCH fancier and easy to use.  I had seen them on infomercials and had not really thought twice about them.  My mom is also a teacher, and someone she works with has one at school and the teachers love it for making posters and bulletin boards and such.  So when she found a really good deal on one, she sent it to me.  She knows I teach at a school where we don’t put up store bought posters and things and she thought it would help out a lot.  i had kept it in the box until last week.  I was hesitant, because I’m not a scrapbooker  and wasn’t sure how much work I was willing to put into paper crafts. Well, the husband and I picked up the house and since I had room to play with it, I broke the Cricut out of its box and made my first project.  It’s not very elaborate and took me forever to make as I was playing around, getting to know the machine. It totally sparked my creativity and I began planning other things I could make and design. So, here it is, a thank you card for my mom- Thanks for adding yet another craft obsession to my growing repertoire!

After I played with the Cricut, I sat down to read the first Kabuki graphic novel, by David Mack. It’s a collection of the first six comics, plus the single run of the prologue to the comic.  It focuses on a woman in Kyoto, whose mother was an Ainu comfort woman during WW2.  She performed Kabuki theater foe the general, who took pity on her.  His son raped and killed her in jealousy.  The attack spawned the main character, Kabuki, who the general remade in her mother’s image and trained as a martial arts and weapons expert.  Kabuki, along with other female assassins works to rid Japan of the mob boss Yakuza.  The art is gorgeous and the story is interesting enough.  I plan to get the rest of the rest of the series.  The way David Mack changes artistic styles throughout the book to match the story line is fantastic.  There are a number of pages that I would love to find prints of.  So, for a change of pace, try a graphic novel and support your local comic shops.

And lastly, I had a huge breakfast yesterday and was no where near hungry until around 5pm.  Reheated huevos rancheros seemed way too heavy, so I threw the last remnants of the the farmers market (lettuce, carrots, heirloom tomato, avocado) together in a salad and topped it with chopped veggie buffalo wings and Ken’s lite Sweet Vidalia Onion dressing.

I also worked on my blanket.  I think you’ll be seeing the finished product very soon. Don’t you love productive weekends?


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