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We went grocery shopping for the dry goods and dairy and such last night and coffee was on the list.  I’m a recent coffee drinker, having started on regular coffee (like from a coffee pot only in 2006 after we purchased a coffee maker with wedding money).  I’d been a strict soy latte from coffeeshops gal before then.  My coffee drinking at home has developed, as my taste for coffee has developed.  At first, it was coffeemate all the way- particularly the vanilla, almond, or coconut flavors and peppermint during winter. And when I say coffeemate, I mean my cup was half-mate half-coffee. Then I started using less, because apparently one can have too much coffeemate (also, I was in a car accident last summer and my coffee mug spilled all over my corduroys and  I spent the day trying to get my car to the shop and getting a rental stinking like french vanilla coffeemate – which you KNOW does not dry quickly on cords.) So, I was over it.  Also, it was pure chemicals and in my bid to live closer to the earth, I gave up my coffeemate and now drink my coffee with vanilla soy milk (still about half and half- I joke that I like coffee in my milk and not vice versa.  I know… I’m hysterical.) Then I read about how coffee is one of the most pesticide-sprayed plants and that it’s one of those things where organic is really the way to go.  So that cut down our choice of different coffees pretty dramatically (well, affordable coffees).  Luckily Yuban comes through for us and makes an organic canister for significantly less than the other brands (of course the politics of being Kraft-owned are another issue). ANYWAY (this is an awful long intro to telling you about my morning coffee)… Hubby gets to the coffee aisle last night and starts hemming and hawing.  Normally, we roll right by and drop the Yuban in.  He tells me he likes the coffee and that he likes that it’s organic, but he’s tired of it (we’ve been drinking it for almost a year, with others thrown in here and there).  We compromise and by a flavored coffee that we decided to mix half and half with the organic stuff.  So I just made the first pot and it’s tasty.  That’s pretty much what I wanted to say about it.

On to cheese…

Honey made grilled cheese sandwiches last night- with onion and salsa! So good.  We were going to have the heirloom tomato that was sitting on the fridge, but when Chris picked it up a colony of fruit flies flew out- so we stuck to salsa. We tossed a big side salad, too- mixed greens, cukes, carrot.  I topped mine with avocado.  We’ll finish it off tonight with dinner. Oh, and we’ve been working on a bottle of French Rose. Dry, but tasty

For dessert I made easy cheesecake squares.  I’ve had the recipe in my book of collected recipes for a long time and never made them. I’m not sure where the recipe  came from, I think Health magazine, maybe (Yep, I just checked- here’s the recipe). They truly were easy and they are quite delicious.  It’s a big batch, though- too much for two people (though Chris would disagree) so I’m bringing a few rows into work with me to share.  So you take crescent rolls and unroll them into a 9×13 pan (after greasing).  then mix 2 8oz blocks of lite or non-fat cream cheese, with 3/4 cup sugar, one egg yolk, and tsp. vanilla until creamy.  Spread on crescent rolls.  Then add another layer of crescent rolls on top. Whisk the egg white and brush on top layer and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar.  Then bake 350 for 35 minutes.  Chill in fridge for an hour, then cut into 36 squares. We topped with raspberries and blackberries. I’m sure you could mix anything it.  I was thinking oreos (so much for it being a “lite” recipe!) They turned out delicious. I had a half one with breakfast because I kept opening the fridge and seeing them (which is another reason some are going to school with me today!)

One last note- I finished my bucket hat.  I pulled out about 12 rows from what I had posted last time.  The pattern must have been for a much thinner yarn. Even by decreasing it that much it’s pretty big.  I have an unusually small head, and have to wear childrens’ hat sizes, though, so it’s my issue. But most bucket hats are kind of floppy, so it doesn’t look too awkward.

If you look closely at the mess in the background you can see my yoga bag laying ont top of our photo printer.  It needs to be washed!


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