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I’m no Oprah

I’m finally feeling recovered from my long run this morning.  My attempts at completing the Runner’s World 1/2 marathon training schedule are being chronicled on my other blog (more life, less crafts). Anyway, I wasn’t going to post anything here today because I wasn’t sure I could make it from the computer desk, back to the couch (where I spent my post workout recovery).  But I’ve got solid foods in me now and feel a lot better (though still a little ache-y). I wanted to share two of my favorite things with you:

Crabtree and Evelyn’s Mango Butter and Grapefruit body butter from their Naturals line.  It’s so thick and cream and smells SO good. I treated myself with a full body rubdown while I was laying on the couch thinking I would never walk again.

I also love Stretch Island Fruit company’s fruit leather. Today I had the pineapple coconut paradise flavor, and I gotta admit, it was paradise.  Such yummy flavors in such a thick piece of fruit leather.  It was sweet, but not sugary and very satisfying.  I usually got for berry and apple flavors in fruit leather, but I think I’ll try more tropical tastes from now on!

I also love my crochet WIP (works in progress) mini-chest.  It has no distinguishing company features or logos so I can’t give credit where credit is due.  I bought it 7 or 8 years ago at Big Lots. It’s pink and leopard print, so I don’t really have to explain any further.

And speaking of WIPs (I’m really working in a lot of segues on this blog) I haven’t posted things I’ve been working on, in a while. I got caught up in the thrill of sharing finished projects with you, that I forget to include you in the journey along the way.  So without further ado:

A mesh scarf for yet another student.  She’s bringing me mine in the fall.  I should remember to post the scarves and earrings my students have made that I’m trading all these scarves for.

The tiny bolero I blogged about before.  I followed the pattern for the small size and it turned out to be tiny. I’m a medium-small gal, but this thing doesn’t even come close to fitting me.  I kept going with the pattern just to see if I could do, because I hasn’t made such a complicated pattern before.  You can see here that I finished the back and front of the body and one of the sleeves.  It’s such a cute pattern (again from the Happy Hooker book), I really do intend to make one in my size.

In one of my first posts, I showed you the top of a buck hat I was working on.  It was a round, pink disc at the time.  I decided I didn’t like it so I took it apart.  I found this variegated yarn at school in blue, maroon, beige, and cream that I thought would make a fun hat.  So I’m using the same pattern, but I think I’ll felt it when I finish, which is why it looks so huge. It’s very 70s and very fall, but I think it’ll be great if it turns out.

So that’s what I’m working on.

I started Uglies this morning while waiting for the husband’s car at the autoshop. It’s eh. Disappointing so far.  The writing is definitely for teens, unlike The Book Thief, which is captivatingly written (Yes, I’m still working on it- I read it before bed)

For dinner last night I made the Savory Tofu and Tomato Couscous from Vegetarian Times. It’s cubed tofu sauteed with marinated artichoke hearts, carrots, spinach ( I used instead of leeks), with pepper and garlic, served with plain couscous that’s made with a can of tomatoes and a little more water, instead of just water.  I really liked it. The savory topping complimented the tangy couscous.

Tomorrow I’m going on a hike and will hopefully get some great photos to use in an upcoming craft (it’s a surprise for my love, so I I can’t reveal anything else).


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