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Going to the nail salon and looking through all the different shades of nail polish inspires me to be crafty.  The blues and oranges, many hues of pinks, red, purples.  They all look so pretty together, it gets me thinking about colors and shapes.  Anyway, in an effort to improve my card-making, I started searching for card layout ideas.  I came across the Card Positioning Systems blog and it’s been an inspiration! The author and guest card designers publish a sketch per week and people make cards based on the sketch for a contest.  I’m not nearly ready to be competing against die hard paper crafters, but the resource is invaluable for those of us just starting out.  Under the current sketch being worked on is a link to the past sketches, so there’s a library of layout templates to get creative with. With the layout in mind, your creativity can run wild!

So here’s the sketch I chose:

 And this is what I did with it  (you’ll see the front, back, and the card with the envelope I made):

So, you can see I took some creative liberties, but isn’t that what layouts are all about? It’s kind of plain, so I can see why people who make cards also get really into stamping.  I just don’t think I’m there yet.  I’m still gluing everything together with Rubber Cement that I’ve had for 5 years, since I can’t be bothered with real adhesive. I’m sending the card to a friend that I’ve known since Kindergarten.  She and her husband just moved and I thought they’d like to get some friendly mail!

I read my embroidery book from Tuesday Morning last night.  I’m excited to get to work on a project.  I’m only working Monday and Tuesday this week, so I think on Wednesday I’ll take the bus to Joann’s and Michael’s and pick up some supplies.  

I bought a t-shirt today to make the galaxy top from Crochet Me.  I love love love this top and it doesn’t seem too complicated.  I picked a purple shirt, though, instead of white, because I don’t really wear white. And I think rather than matching the top with the shirt, I’ll do a contrasting color- maybe green?

Not making dinner tonight.  The hubby is in Redondo Beach for his comic artists meeting, so he’s bringing home a Special C (for those not in So Cal- it’s two delicious and gooey bean and cheese burritos and a drink from like 4 dollars) from El Burrito Jr.! Though for the week, I’m thinking stuffed eggplant, grilled cheese and tomato and artichokes, and maybe curry of some kind.  Or maybe just a salad-  I really need to look through my recipes and find some light summer fare.


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