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Baby, Baby, Baby

This week has been particularly rough, which had led me to come home and take solace in my projects. I know they’re children who are still learning and trying to find themselves.  But does that have to include violence? But this conversation is for my other blog.

My coworker had her baby yesterday, so her blanket isn’t quite finished, but it’s coming along nicely, considering I began just last weekend.  This photo shows it at about 18×18 in. I’ll do three more rounds of the pink, 5 more of the white and a border of pink.  It should end up about 35×35 total. I think it’s really beautiful and it’s so simple.  You make your favorite crochet square and then double crochet around and put 5 DC in each corner, which adds 4 stitches to each side per round. SO easy!

And here’s my latest cross-stitch.  I had to put it aside most of the week to make some progress on the baby blanket. I also forgot to take multiple photos, so this is after maybe 2 nights work.

I did make macaroons, as I said in the last post.  I’m using the word “macaroons” lightly here, because they’re not so traditional.  I found a recipe online that was so much simpler than all the others- none of this beating eggs until they’re stiff and sifting things in gradually.  The recipe I found was 1 bag sweetened coconut, 1 can sweetened condensed milks, 1 tablespoon vanilla.  drop on greased pan and bake at 350 for 8 minutes.  They started burning on the bottom, so I reduced cooking time.  I also added mini chocolate chips.  So not so much macaroons as sticky coconut and chocolate bites.

And lastly, the bento of the week. Olive bread, brie, peanut butter mochi in the big section, green beans, radishes, dried mushrooms, on top, and greek yogurt with honey and strawberries in the bottom section. Letting the honey sit on the yogurt all day until lunch makes it really yummy and the strawberries get really juicy, which mixes in. Yum!

Oh! and a macaroon.


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