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Props and Huevos

I redesigned this blog yesterday because I hated how when you scrolled down the background was all white. So there was this great lime green, but the header had trees- so totally unrelated.  So this new header is a close up of an band poster that my husband made a few years ago for the record store I worked in college.  It’s actually an illustration of a  full back tattoo, but I cropped it so it just looks like brightly colored beauty. To see the full poster and other examples of my honey’s artistic talent, visit his devianart site.

Now that proper recognition has been given, let’s move on to dinner!  Last night was baked bean huevos rancheros.  I got the recipe from Vegetarian Times magazine and I’ve made it twice.  This time I learned from my past mistakes and made it less spicy (for me- the husband eats jalepenos like candy).  You saute soyrizo in olive oil for a few minutes, then add a cup of prepared salsa and saute a few more minutes, then add two 15oz cans of vegetarian baked beans (drained) and bring to simmer.  Add bean mix to an oiled 8 in. pan and then crack 6 eggs on top.  Bake for 20 minutes at 450. When you take it out throw in some tortillas to warm up as the oven cools. Also, poke holes in the eggs to let the beans cool.

I had mine on top of one tortilla with a glass of Polka Dot Reisling (we bought it because of the blue bottle- we have a thing for blue glass).  Chris ate his tostada-style- tortilla, rancheros, tortilla on top, rancheros (and he covered in in cheese).  I added a  few scoops of avocado.


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