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For some reason the first few really hot days of summer spark my crafty side. I didn’t actually discover this crafty side until about a year ago. I decided to take crochet lessons. Knitting seemed too trendy, and quite honestly, I’m not the most skilled at doing things with two hands at the same time. So, I signed up for classes and instantly fell in love. I was doing extra projects between classes, because I’d finish the homework in a day or two. So, as you may know, once the craft bug hits, it’s all over. You’re skulking around fabric stores, yarn stores, bookstores, the internet, all for more- more patterns, more yarn, more purse handles.

Here’s the thing, though. I don’t really need, or want any crocheted items. I like my scarves. Now that I’ve made some cool purses, I could see keeping one or two. But mostly, I just like taking a project from start to finish. I don’t want to randomly make things for people, because then they feel obliged to wear it, or keep it, or whatever, and I don’t want to force my crafts on anyone. So I decided to find charities that take donated craft items. I’ll spend some time later blogging about those. I haven’t actually finished anything to donate yet, but in my next post I’ll show you two baby blankets I’m working on for Stitches From the Heart.

Another hobby/habit/obsession, though not a new one, is reading. I’m constantly in the middle of twelve books. I pick them up, put them down, come back to them months later, join book clubs, buy lots of books, read in the bathroom/bedroom/kitchen, make lists of future reads. So I thought I’d not only chronicle my crochet projects, but I’d also write about the books I’m reading. It’s mostly for me, self-reflection and thinking about my reading- but maybe you’ll get something out of my ramblings.

So- howdy!

P.S.- happy birthday to my baby sister- 23 years old!


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