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I’m slowly, but surely knocking things off my summer to-do list. I made the above necklace with supplies from the 99 cent store, Joanne’s and Tuesday Morning. If you can’t tell, the large part is a branch with two birds and a nest. It caught my eye because the nature theme went so well with the natural beads I had. The other necklace is a wish necklace given to me by a student on the last day of school.  The giver puts the necklace on while the receiver makes a wish.  You don’t remove the necklace, and when it falls off your wish should come true. Its a tiny little apple, and despite my dislike of anything generally teacher-y, I love this necklace.  I’ve worn it since receiving it and I’m waiting patiently for it to fall off.  Luckily I have no modeling commitments in the near future, or they’d have to airbrush it out.

Due to the upcoming trip we’ve been winding our way down through our fresh foods, so we don’t have too much to get rid of before we leave. I did finally get my sandwich maker sandwich, though!  My hubby made me a fake turkey and cheese, with a side of salsa and avocado.  Look at that masterpiece!  So crunchy and warm on the outside and so melty and hot on the inside.  I loved this sandwich so much on Friday, I asked for another one at 9pm on Saturday night. Yum!

I’ve kind of dropped the ball (of yarn?) of my crocheting because I’m really getting into embroidery and cross stitch.  I finished my first project of each.  Using the unicorn iron-on from the Sublime Stitching Craft Pad and a 3 dollar tank top I made this gem.  I think the shirt is hysterically cute! There’s a close up and a picture of the shirt.  Neither came out great, but you’ll get the gist.

I also completed a counted cross stitch project from the embroidery book I bought at Tuesday Morning. I’ll post that when I get back from WI, as it’s a surprise for someone who reads my blog.

I finished Julie and Julia a while back and loved it.  I thought it was so easy to read and I think the author seems refreshingly real.  It felt like reading a blog (which it originally was). I love that she didn’t hold anything back about her ups and downs. I’m halfway through Middlesex, by Jeffery Eugenides.  My former TA gave me the hardcover book for the holidays and it’s beautiful.  It looked lovely on my shelf. I kept getting drawn to it and the turned away because of the enormous commitment it takes to read a 500 plus pager. So I waited until summer.  Now I’m kicking myself.  Why did I wait? Knowing this book has been easily available to me for months and I’ve snubbed my nose at it? What’s wrong with me? I’m completely absorbed in the book and the characters. I can’t wait to finish.  I think about the book while I’m doing other thing, plotting time to sit down and read more. It’s told from the point of view of a hermaphrodite male, born and raised as a female.  He tells the story of his family, beginning with his grandparents and follows them, along with the genetic mutation responsible for his condition, from Turkey/Greece to Detroit. This is a picture of the 1st edition version that I have (yes, pre-Oprah).

Native Son by Richard Wright and Any Human Heart by William Boyd (my August book club book) are both making the trek to the mid-west with me, along with two crochet projects, a cross stitch project, two sewing projects, my running shoes, my Nintendo DS, and my video iPOd. I think that will keep me busy?


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