I may turn this into more than one post because there’s a lot to add/update. I’ve been on spring break for the last week and a half and before that I was so busy getting ready for break that it’s been a while.


I finished Finn by John Clinch for my book club. It was dark and not what I expected. Confusing in parts, but pretty interesting.

I also finished The Brief and Wonderous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz and New Moon and Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer.

I started reading Catcher in the Rye. I’m also in the middle of Lonesome Dove (and by in the middle of I mean about 100 pages in) and Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain (for my book club).


Went to my sewing class. It was great. I made this bag:

I tried to make an apron,but I don’t really understand darting and all that complicated stuff.  I signed up for a PJ Pants class next weekend.

My garden is growing.  My radishes should be ready next weekend


Lots of different casseroles have been made!

Broccoli and mushroom:

Vegetable “bread pudding”:

Tortilla Casserole:

Black bean stew:

and Mabo Tofu:

We’ve been working on the bathroom renovation project.  New flooring is in, paint is on, and most new fixtures are in place.  Next stop – living room.

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