I finished American Wife, by Curtis Sittenfield, last weekend, so I picked up City Dharma, by Arthur Jeon.  I started it over a year ago, and have been reading a chapter here and a chapter there.  It’s basically applying buddhist philosophy to living in crowded cities.  It address a lot of city issues that make it seem impossible to live as a peaceful, understanding, compassionate person.  Jeon addresses the issues so realistically, and without judgement, that it makes you feel as if everyone could benefit from reading just a chapter or two. I also read another knitting mystery by Maggie Sefton, which I do everytime I get big into my crafting again.  They’re fluffy and I can finish them in an evening or two.

I joined a second book club- so this month I’ll be reading In Cold Blood, by Truman Capote, and Censoring an Iranian Love Story by Shahriar Mandanipour.

I finished my iris cross-stitch project.  It came with an illustrated mat, so I just need to find a frame for it.

irisdoneI worked for a few hours on my cable scarf.  It looks the same as last week, only a few inches longer. It’s taking forever, as all knitting does for me.  A coworker is having a baby, so I’ll start a crochet blanket soon to make me feel more productive.

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