Back in the Saddle

On Friday we had crazy rain. I had intended to meet up with some gals for a crafting day on Saturday, so we went to the storage unit to retrieve my boxes and bins of yarn and needles. Instead of going out I stayed home and had my own crafting day.  I worked on my irises cross-stitch. I finished the main work and started doing the outline stitching. It’s looking pretty nice.

irisI picked up my gray shawl and once again started it over because it had so many dropped stitches.  After restarting 5 times, I gave up on it for now.  So I decided to teach myself to make cables. I’m starting with a simple scarf pattern. It’s really easy and the cable is looking great.

Cable1I’ll likely finish American Wife today (only 50 pages left), and I think I’ll start on Wally Lamb’s The Hour I First Believed. But in recounting what I read this summer, I forgot to mention Tana French’s In the Woods.  It was a thriller-type novel about a detective who, as a child disappeared with two friends and was the only one to be found.  He is assigned to the case of child murdered in the same woods where he was lost. Great story, quick read, though only a meh ending.

6a00d83451bcff69e201157213461c970b-300wiToday, to celebrate the start of football season I made a taco salad- sauteed veggie chicken in taco seasoning, kidney beans, jalepenos, tomatoes, avocado, on a bed of tortilla chips (and lettuce, though ours was no good, so we tossed it) topped with salsa and sour cream. So easy, so yummy!

NYOS4Parent conferences are half over. Tomorrow I have 6 more, then Thursday I have one in the afternoon, then I’m done! Only 2 weeks until fall break!

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    Diane (Turtle) said,

    Hey Amanda,
    There’s a restaurant a couple blocks from my apartment in San Diego called Nature’s Express ( They have a buffet. I’ve been trying to think of someone to try it out with (it’s not the kind of place any of my San Diego friends would be terribly interested in trying), and you popped up in my mind from, oh, 2004 or whenever I saw you last. I figured you’d be down. I found you through the little crumbs left behind on myspace, then blogspot… and you appear to be in Austin now, which is a bit of a drive to try out a buffet that I can’t even promise is good. But I thought I’d say hi just the same. Hope you’re well 🙂

    • 2

      aer said,

      Looks yummy. I’m always a fan of a buffet, because I can usually never choose what I want. We are in Austin now, we’ve been here about 3 months now- finally starting to feel more settled in. How long are you back in San Diego before another world tour?

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