Full Plate

Parent Conference week has begun.  This is normally a very stressful time of year for teachers, as parents often wait for this time to bombard us with questions/complaints. Rather than email, call, stop in, make appointments when issues arise, parents will let things stew and then it all comes out in what was supposed to a 20 minute conference. However, I’ve looped with my class twice now, so my first day of conferences went swimmingly. Parents generally feel free to complain any time, which has left these 20 minutes to be productive, goal-setting meetings.  I tell you all this to explain my lack of craftwork. The past week was spent grading, filing, inputting data, etc. in anticipation of this week.


I have been a productive book reader, though.  I finished Missing Mom, by Joyce Carol Oates which continued to be just eh. I began the fifth Harry Potter book, The Order of the Phoenix. Well, I didn’t begin in, exactly, but I picked it up where my husband and I had left off.  We used to be in the habit of reading to each other in bed.  Or more specifically, he would read to me during my fits of insomnia, and it always did the trick. But because I started sleeping better, we’ve only made it about 100 pages into the 5th book.  Amazingly the plot of this, and the subsequent books, have not been spoiled for me.  I’ve put off seeing the movie, and anytime someone starts talking about Harry Potter I plug my ears and sing, “lalalala.” I find it pretty miraculous that a 5th grade teacher can still be in the dark about how the series has ended.  My good friends stayed up all night reading the last book so they wouldn’t be disappointed by spoilers. I’ve just avoided it and it’s work fine. But my interest has been re-piqued, so here we go.

order_phoenixI also got the latest title for my book club and immediately RSVPed for the December 2nd meeting because it’s a book I’ve wanted to read for a while now.  The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles by Haruki Murakmi has been highly acclaimed by nearly every reputable news and literary source in the world. I’m only about 50 pages into the 600+ page novel, but it already feels like a new “favorite book ever.” It’s not easily describable, but what I’ve read so far begins with an unemployed guy getting a phone from someone who seems to know him, then he goes searching for his wife’s cat and meets a teenage girl in an alley, then his wife sends him to meet a psychic who reveals that his brother-in-law had raped her sister. Yeah, I know, but it’s good. I loved Norwegian Wood when I read it a few summers ago and have been a Murakami fan ever since.


I also finished Hound of the Baskerville.  I listened up to chapter 9 on Librivox and then bought the Barnes and Noble Classics The Complete Sherlock Holmes Vol. 1 and finished the story myself.  My actual intent in turning on my laptop just now was actually to find a new story to listen to while knitting, then I got sucked into the blog.

So I find myself in the middle of two extremely long books, no audio book, about 15 magazines behind (I plan on catching up over Thanksgiving break), and home early thanks to half days this week. Maybe I’ll have some knitting to show you this weekend.

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