I’ve been spending a wonderful week with my mom and husband, so the posts have been non existent.  I’ve been taking pictures of things I’ve made and been working on, though, so for your viewing pleasure- my last week of food and crafting fun.

My mom flew in last Thursday night.  The night before I made a recipe from my trusted Vegetarian Times.  Sausage and plum kabobs with hoisin sauce. Sweet and delicious- alternated pieces of veggie sausage, heirloom plums, and mushrooms in a hoisin/soy sauce/ rice wine vinegar concoction. Served on a piece of lettuce.

When I woke up for my birthday the next morning, my mom and husband were busily making me a birthday breakfast of strawberry pancakes with veggie sausages and coffee. (This picture is not of my birthday breakfast, I was in too much of a daze of delicious breakfast love to take a photo- I made myself the same breakfast two days later).

My mom and I went on a girls trips to wine country, so I made quiche and flourless peanut butter cookies for the hubby. I got the recipe for the quiche a few years ago from the Near East website. Type in “quiche” to find it.  We like the mushroom couscous in pie crush with broccoli and mushrooms and 4 eggs mixed with a cup of milk. The cookies I found at All Recipes. I figured I loved flourless chocolate cake, so why not try cookies. And the ratings and reviews of this recipe were so good and it’s so easy- 1 c. PB, 1 C mixed brown/white sugar, 1 egg, splash vanilla- cook 8 minutes at 350. They were thick and delicious.

Last night, before sending my mom off, I made BBQ tofu (frozen slices sauteed in BBQ sauce) with macaroni salad (wheat fusili, cukes, carrot. scallions, radishes, light mayo, nonfat plain yogurt, Free Ranch Dressing, Light Sweet onion dressing, mustard, and relish) and Sweet Corn soup (blend corn with soy milk, garnish with tomato and basil)

I’ve been doing a lot of magazine reading, and haven’t plowed through any books.  I did finish the Book Thief in time for my July book club.  I won’t say much about it, except that it’s one of my top three favorite books ever. The next book club selection is Any Human Heart, which I picked up last week. I’m half way through with both Malinche and Taxonomy of Barnacles. I don’t love Malinche as much as I did when I first wrote about it, but I’ll finish it this weekend.  Taxonomy of Barnacles by Galt Niederhoffer kind of reminds me of The Royal Tennenbaums, but not as good or funny.  It’s trying hard, though, and some of the offbeat side plots make it worth plowing through.

I have the next 8 days off and intend to make a big dent in both Middlesex and Julie and Julia in order to keep muddling along through my summer to do list.

One final check off the summer list- I finished my first embroidery project- the pillowcase is done.  It’s really pretty.  I think I may be able to finish its mate this summer, as well.

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  1. 1

    yokuyoku said,

    wow, you use time in the most amazing of ways!!

  2. 2

    aer said,

    Ha! Thanks. I think what I consider relaxing is like a full day of work for most people. It’s that adult ADHD, I’m telling ya!

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