Ideas- a list

There are so many projects I want to work on. I get inspired all the time by past projects, by things I see in stores, by beautiful yarn and accessories. I’ve decided to start a list of upcoming projects, so I don’t forget what I want to do.

Today I bought wire- gold colored and coppery colored. I saw a cool necklace in a magazine- it was a granny square crocheted in wire. It’s fairly simple, though I’ve never crocheted jewelry, so that may open up a whole new bag of yarn (ba dum da)

I have a beautiful, soft dusky blue yarn that I want to make a shawl from. My grandma made me a purple poncho that I still wear, and can convert to a shawl. It’s neat, so I want to try to make some kind of wrap/shawl. (Completed June 2008)

I bought a neat tweed-like yarn, that I’d like to make a new scarf from. I also have a chunky grey and pink that I’m thinking would make a neat hooded scarf.

I have material for about 7 more baby blankets.

I promised one student a blue scarf, so I bought a variegated blue/navy blue/dark purple yarn for her (completed 5/24/08). Another student is getting a variegated cream,blue,purple, green scarf (Completed plus another one June 2008). Both are making me a scarf, in exchange for me making them one.

I bought 4 sets of purse handles today, so a few purses are on the horizon. I’m making myself a creamy purple one with u-shaped bamboo handles.

I’d like to try making multi-piece clothes- a little jacket or something. I think I’ll try baby clothes, first.

I’m eager to make amigurumi- the little Japanese character crochet. Check out this flickr site of adorable amigurumi!

And finally. I’m saving all my yarn odds and ends to make granny squares. I want to make a big granny square afghan for my future house!

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